Measuring for Tailored Clothing

The tailored clothes have seen a surge in popularity, with prices for the tailor made clothes being less than the off-the-peg high street ones. Also, it seems men all over the world are starting to favor the tailored look, rather than the mass-produced garments that continue to swamp the high street. And with the amount of choice given to the discerning gentlemen when choosing a bespoke shirt, it’s not surprising that this historic fashion trend for tailored clothes is making a comeback.

You can design your tailor made shirt right down to its pearl buttons. Do you want a broadcloth or herringbone weave; a long wing or Victorian collar; cocktail or cutaway sleeves? The list goes on, and fuses together to make a unique, tailored shirt specifically for the gentlemen it was created for.
But with all this in mind, it’s a wonder that you still see disheveled, ill-fitting shirts donning the backs of countless men. There are too many men squeezing their 14inch necks into 12inch collars and their 34inch arms into 32inch sleeves.

Now bespoke, tailor made shirts are widely available, and surprisingly cheap for the quality you get, the businessmen of our world shouldn’t even think about setting foot in their usual high street clothing chains.
Perhaps, then, it’s a good idea to go through the basics of what makes a shirt fit perfectly so that you know when you’re getting it wrong:
The neck: Button your collar right up, and slide two fingers down the neckband. If you start to gag, then it’s too small, but if you can move your neck around comfortably, then you’ve got it right.

The cuffs: If you can take your shirt off without unbuttoning the cuffs, then they are way too big. They should be just tight enough that they don’t hang over your hand, but not so tight that your fingers turn blue.

The sleeves: Stand with your arms at your sides. If you can only glimpse the tips of your fingers, then the sleeves are too long, but if your cuffs end slightly below your wrist bones, then they’re just right.

The shoulders and body: The rules are simple if your shirt pulls across your shoulders when you move your arms around, then you need an extra few inches. You need to avoid the tent look, but also stay clear of the sandwich-wrapped-in-cling film look.

The shirttail: If you resemble a small boy wearing his father’s shirt, then you need to reign in your shirttail. Equally, if people get a glimpse of your tummy every time you raise your arms, then you’re veering towards the crop-top look.

In conclusion, measuring yourself for the tailored clothes isn’t an issue that is complicated regardless of whether you are a man or a woman. You simply need to grab yourself a mirror and perform these shirt-fitting rituals to see if your shirt is destined for the hanger or the bin. And remember – there really is nothing better than a bespoke, tailor-made shirt that skims your body perfectly and nothing worse than a shirt that gapes at the collar or stops just short of your belly button.


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